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Workout For Post Pregnancy To Get Your Body Back & Stay Fit

Workout for post pregnancy is important to help a woman regain her normal body shape. In embarking on these workouts, it is essential to first get a doctor’s recommendation to partake of the workouts. Readiness to start workout is essential in making it operational. For women who were working out during pregnancy, starting post-pregnancy workout is not a difficult process. Simplicity in workout for post pregnancy is a consideration to be looked into. The exercises should promote a woman’s health standards and quality of life but not undermine them. The workouts are suitable after about one and a half months of child birth. The following workout for post pregnancy come in handy.

Side plank

In this workout, a woman should lie on the side. The elbow should be beneath the shoulder. The hips and feet should assume a stable position to make the exercise a smooth operation. Once this has been achieved, the hips should be lifted off the ground constantly for some time but not in a straining manner. In so doing, the body should form a line that is close to straight. Both hips should be subjected to this exercise to achieve uniformity in building hip strength and firmness.

Contraction and expansion of the stomach is a simple and suitable exercise. The best way to engage the stomach is through belly breathing. It entails active and intense breathing process in and out to realize expected results.

Abdominal bracing

A person should lie on the back on the floor. The workout focuses on contracting the abdomen area. Other exercises that enhance abdominal bracing include extending the legs while lying on the back and lifting the arms above your head.

workout for post pregnancy

Pelvic tilt

For women who are fortunate enough to have a normal delivery, this workout can be done after a few weeks of recovery. However, for women who have a C-section delivery, it is advisable to embark on this workout after a duration of almost two and a half months. The workout involves lying on the back. Bending of the knees is crucial. For enough comfort to be attained, placing a pillow on the hips and another on the knees should be done. Other issues to pay attention to are, adopting a flat position for the feet and a side position for the arms. Breathing in and out, pushing the pelvis under a little and pressing the buttocks enhances increased abdominal stability and strength. The pelvic tilt should be conducted for several seconds and the process repeated for a while to reap benefits.

Yoga boat 

This workout utilizes a sitting position. While sitting, the knees on the other hand must be bent. Abdominal bracing, a bit of chest tilting and lifting the feet off the ground is mandatory. Maintaining balance is facilitated by extending the arms in the front direction. In this exercise, the back ought to assume a straight line. Moderate flexing of the hips is also a requirement.


In wrapping up, a woman should confine herself to simple yet effective post pregnancy workouts. When necessary, breaks should be incorporated to ensure the exercises do not cause injuries on a woman.



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