5 Best Weight Training Exercises For Stay At Home Women

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Weight Training Exercises For Stay At Home WomenWhenever you do weight training (using body-weight exercises and weight lifting), not only does the exercise affect your muscles positively, but it also has a significant impact on your health including improving your cholesterol, reducing the risk of diabetes and controlling your blood pressure. Better yet, it does enhance your ability to carry out daily activities, including moving household items and lifting heavy luggage. This is because these exercises enhance your strength, flexibility and coordination.

Conventionally, people weight train using barbells and dumbbells, which are commonly found in fitness centers. However, if you don’t have any access to a gym, maybe because you have to take care of your children, you don’t have to skip your weight training exercises. Fortunately, you can train at home and receive the benefits of normal weight training with inexpensive barbells and dumbbells and kettlebells. To workout at your home, use common weightlifting moves, including deadlifts and overhead squats, using items that you already have in your house, such as gym bags or weighted water jugs.

What you need for the workouts

Before you start weight training, you will need to prepare your weightlifting items. The minimum items you need to do the exercises are:

:Kettle bells

Two dumbbells

• Weighted straight barbell

You will use the kettle bell or dumbbell that you are comfortable with to do these exercises. Once it has become easy to perform the exercises, you add heavier dumbbells to increase the challenge.

Weight Training Exercises

The following exercises work on your different muscle groups thereby enhancing your functional strength as well as improving your metabolism as a woman.

1. Dead-lift

Deadlift is an exercise that involves all of your muscles in the body into action without any of them going through a complete range of motion. It works the back, hamstrings, quads and glutes. It is one of the most productive exercises yet the simplest in setup. It is one of the most challenging to perform. However, the benefits of dead-lift are endless including, enhanced fat burning, improved real life lifting, enhanced grip strength, increased cardio activity and better posture. For you to perform dead-lifts at home, you only need your weighted gym bag. To do the exercise, begin by placing the weighted bag in front of the feet and standing behind with your feet near each other. The bend your knees as you push your hips back to hold the weight. Ensure that the back is straight. Next, bring your entire body into a standing position by straightening your legs and back simultaneously. Don’t let your back to slouch, but keep it straight to avoid injury. Once you have taken on a straight posture, stick out your chest while contracting your shoulder blades. Count this as one rep and perform at least five reps to build muscle and strength. As soon as you can do the rep easily, add more weight.

2. One Leg Split

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Squat One leg split squat also called body-weight Bulgarian squat works mainly the glute muscles and your upper leg muscles. To perform the exercise, you can use  a dumbbell as well as a chair or a coffee table about knee’s height. Begin by holding the dumbbell in both hands while keeping your arms straight by your body’s sides and then face away from the chair or coffee table. Extend one leg back and position it on the chair or table. Ensure that all your toes rest comfortably on the chair’s or table’s surface. This is your starting position. Whereas one leg should be extended backward, resting on the chair or coffee table, the other should be straight. Begin by squatting down through flexing your hip and knee of the front leg until the knee of the rear leg almost touches the ground. Then hold it for a little while before returning to your initial standing position. Count this as one rep. Do this for about five reps before switching legs and continuing with the exercise. During squat, keep your upper body engaged and ensure your hip flexors are flexible. Throughout the movement, the forward knee has to point in the same direction as the foot.

3. Overhead Press

An overhead press works your deltoids, traps and triceps, making it a great way of strengthening your back and arms. To complete the exercise successfully, you should tighten your core. Your dumbbells is the only thing you require for the exercise. Begin by standing straight with feet placed shoulder-width apart. As if you are puffing your chest out, push it up, grab the dumbbells and place them across the front shoulders so it rests on the collarbone. This is your starting point. Then squeeze your glutes to help stabilize you while pushing the bag upwards in a straight line. With your arms straight, hold the dumbbells above the head for a few seconds. Then lower the dumbbells back to the shoulders. Count this as one rep and continue to perform 12 repetitions.

4. Kettlebell Swing

This is an excellent exercise for strengthening the lower body. It works the glutes, hamstrings, abs, calves and shoulders. You only need one kettle bell to perform the exercise. Begin by grasping the Kettle bells handle using both hands and holding it below the pelvis. Ensure your arms are straight and lean down, bending your upper body somewhat forward. Then push the butt out, while keeping the back straight. This forms your starting position. Next, apply a lot of force while thrusting your pelvis forward. Then speedily squat back up to a standing position. Ensure your arms are straight but do not use the arms to lift the jug up. Your action functions like a spring for the kettle bell, pushing the kettle bell forward. Your thrust should push the kettle bell to chest level. Once the kettle bell has reached chest height, lower your body while pushing your butt out into the initial position. Count this as one rep and aim for 20 reps with this exercise.

5. Overhead Squat

This exercise is an excellent full body exercise that you can do. It majorly targets the quads although it also works the hamstrings, glutes, shoulders, abdominal muscles, lower back and triceps. You will need your weighted straight bar to carry out the exercise at home. Begin by standing up and holding the bag above the head, grasping the weighted straight bar at its ends. You will be holding this position throughout the entire exercise while keeping your arms straight. Ensure your feet are a bit wider that your shoulders’ width. Then thrust the hips back before starting to bend the knees for the squat. During the entire period of bending into a squat, keep the back straight and resist the inclination to slouch. Keep on descending downward, while imagining that you are attempting to sit back to a tiny chair.Once the hips become parallel to the knee joints, stay in the position for a second. Then, rise back to the initial position. Count this as one repetition and aim for at least 5 repetitions but not more than 12. Add weight as the exercise becomes easier. In conclusion…Weight training is beneficial to everybody, women included. For best results, blend these workouts with body-weight workouts.

Do Weight Training Exercises For Stay At Home Women at most three times a week and you will see the results within a short time.


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5 Best Weight Training Exercises For Stay At Home Women

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