Top 10 Home Workouts For Women: The Ultimate Workout Formula to Get Fast Results

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home workouts for women

Sometimes situations may not allow you to get out of your house and head to your local gym. For example, if you don’t have someone to look after your children while you hit the gym, it may be difficult for you to step out. Skipping workouts simply because you cannot get out of your home will not help your fitness cause, however. Fortunately, you can stay indoors and still burn calories. The following are the top 10 home workout exercises for women that you may try for an enhanced body.



This exercise works on the muscles of the hamstrings and glutes to build leaner and stronger legs, as well as a tighter and lifted rear. The exercise also works on the quadriceps because it needs you to straighten the knee against resistance.To do it, take a position facing a step or bench and position your left foot tightly on the bench or step. Press the foot into the step before pushing the body up until the left leg is straight. Then lower your body until the right foot touches the ground. Repeat the exercise until the leg tires before switching feet and exercising with the right foot. During the entire exercising period, maintain the chest up while the core is engaged. Ensure your weight is balanced evenly by not bending too far back or too far forward.


Single-Leg Dead-lift

This exercise is great at lifting and toning the glutes while at the same time activating your entire core to help prevent back pain. To perform the exercise, take hold dumbbells while standing on the left foot. Lift the right foot behind your body and bend your right knee for your right lower leg to be parallel to the ground. Then bend forward at the hips, before lowering your body slowly and as far as you are able to. Pause for a moment, and then push the entire body back to the initial position. As you push your body back up, you may consider using your glutes in pushing your hips forward as an alternative to lifting from the back. During the entire period, keep your chest up with your core engaged.

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This classic exercise is great because it helps work the whole body, thereby burning a considerable amount of calories. The exercise also tightens the chest muscles for a greater look. To do the exercise, get down on fours and put your hands on the ground in such a way that they are in line with and a bit wider than your shoulders. However, your feet should stay close together. Then lower the body until the chest almost touches the ground before pushing yourself back to the initial position. Ensure that you have kept your hips lifted and the core supported the entire time.


Triceps Extension

This is a perfect workout for toning triceps and the back of the shoulders. You may use light weights to perform a big number of reps for the exercise. To do the exercise, take a lunge position, with the back heel on the floor. Then lean over the front bent knee while lifting the arm straight up by the side, with the top side of the weight facing up. This is followed by lifting and lowering the weight for about 30 times all sides.


Shoulder Stand

Yoga offers numerous mental and physical benefits, especially to women. Inversion postures are perfect for helping in curbing the appearance of cellulite. You can easily take advantage of inversion postures by simply putting your legs up your wall for about five minutes before going to bed. To do a shoulder stand, lie on the back before lifting your hips and legs off the floor. Then bring the legs up over the head until the toes touch the floor behind you. Then put your hands behind the back. Extend your legs plump in the air to create a straight line from your ankles to shoulders. As you hold the stand, make sure your neck is relaxed and try to hold the position for one minute before gradually coming out of it.

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The Plank

The plank works the lower back, glutes, shoulders and all abdominal muscles. To begin, kneel on the ground and then bend elbows. Position your forearms on the floor, while clasping hands to form a little triangle using elbows and hands. Then straighten your legs while balancing on toes and forearms, with your feet about six inches apart. Once you are balanced, place your tush in the same level with the entire body, creating a straight line between your head’s top and the heels. Keep the abs engaged in order to protect your back against sagging. Maintain this position for six counts, to build up to 30 counts. If you find this to be too challenging, place the knees on the ground while shifting forward so you are balancing your weight hardly above your knees.


Standing Chop

This exercise is perfect for working your lower back, waist, glutes, obliques and legs. To perform the exercise, stand with your feet hip-apart and extend your left arm overhead. Let your right hand rest on the hip. While keeping your left knee soft and your core engaged, bring your right knee up while pulling down your left arm in a relaxed and chopping motion. Aim for the outer surface of the knee with the elbow for a single count. Go back to the initial position for two counts and aim for between 8 and 12 reps on both sides. To add a challenge to your exercise, grab some weight in the hand that is chopping. If you cannot reach the elbow to the knee, just go to the extent it feels comfortable.


High-Intensity Interval Training

It is important that you include a high intensity interval training into your exercise routine for you to burn more calories within a shorter period compared to long and slow endurance exercise. High-intensity interval training refers to any workout that interchanges between forceful bursts of activity and set periods of less-forceful activity or complete rest. For instance, a good starter workout may involve running as fast as one can for a minute and alternating it with walking for two minutes. Repeat the three-minute interval five times, totaling to a 15-minutes fat-blasting workout. Although it may sound too simple to be effective, it has been proven as a very effective exercise for burning great amounts of calories.


The Swim

The exercise works the lower back, core, quads, glutes and shoulders. Perform the exercise by lying face down and extending arms overhead with the palms facing the ground. Lift your head a little off the ground while tilting your chin down. A straight line should be formed with the neck. Tighten your abs to form a space between the floor and your belly button before raising your right arm and your left leg approximately an inch off the ground. However, avoid trying to go higher. Then hold for a single count before lowering. Repeat this on the other side, and aim to complete between eight and 12 reps on all sides. Beginners may rest between sides, by lowering the arms, legs and head to the ground, as you proceed. You may also remain a little elevated the entire period, as if swimming.



The exercise is perfect for working the obliques, quads and abs. While lying on the back, clasp your hands behind the head and lift your left leg, slightly off the ground. While twisting at the waist bring the right knee gradually in toward your left shoulder. However, take care not to pull on your neck or head or round your back. Then hold for a while before twisting to the next side for a single rep. Aim for between eight and 12 reps.Try these easy-to-do exercises that you can do at home and you will notice a difference within a very short time.


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