The Best Weight Loss Programs For Women: Live Better,healthier and more balanced life

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The Best Weight Loss Programs For WomenNowadays, there are many weight loss programs in the market offering different techniques, diet plans and methods to help people lose weight. These programs offer to help all types of people shed off the excess weight and they offer everything from in person coaching, to online support, and everything else in between. That being so, it is important to note that the most effective weight loss programs should not only help you lose weight, but they should also include ways of keeping the weight off permanently and promote healthy behaviors which help you lose weight safely. In this article, we are going to review some of the best weight loss programs for women.

1. Slim Fast Weight Loss Program

Slim Fast is a very popular weight loss program which helps users meet their long term weight loss goals. The Slim Fast program includes nutrient-enriched products such as shakes, prepackaged meals, dietary supplements, and protein powders, which replace your snacks, breakfast, and lunch, so that you get the proper amount of nutrients. The program emphasizes on calories over the food quality, the reason why it succeeds for many people. An example is the Slim Fast simplified 3-2-1 diet plan; the plan emphasizes on 3, 100 calorie snacks, 2, 200 calorie meal replacements (meal bars or shakes), and 1 dinner. The Slim Fast weight loss program for women is very convenient and accessible, and unlike most other programs which require you to pre order meals, you can easily find Slim Fast products in most drugstores and grocery stores. This program is for any woman who needs a fast, reliable and permanent weight loss program.

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2. Weight Watchers Weight Loss Program

Weight Watchers is one of the oldest weight loss companies in the United States. The company was founded in the 1960s, and offers a full service weight loss programs for women which includes diet advice, weight loss education and support. Weight Watchers has a new weight loss program known as Beyond the Scale Program, which was launched in 2015. The program allows users flexibility to eat actual real food, and lets them maintain their social lives, which makes losing weight even much easier even to those with very busy schedules. Since there’s no food forbidden, users can modify their portion sizes to fit the Points Plus system; this is a WW system which assigns every type of food Smart Points value, based on its’ nutrition, (high amounts of sugars and saturated fat increase the point value, while high amounts of protein decrease the point value.) The latest WW evolution is the Weight Watchers 360 program which combines the Point-Plus system with digital devices, which in turn enhances compliance, convenience, and accountability. The backbone of this program is its’ multi model access to support from those who have already lost weight using the Weight Watchers program, and have successfully kept it off.

3. Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program

This program combines nutrition and exercise with counseling, so as to help users change their eating habits and lifestyle. The goal of this weight loss program is that once the users reach their particular desired weight levels, they no longer need to solely rely on the program’s planned menus, prepackaged food, or even consultations so as to maintain a proper and healthy lifestyle. Jenny Craig actually offers weight loss programs which are tailored to meet women needs. The program offers weekly consultancy for compliance and accountability; every week the counselors helps users assess their past week’s results, and then create a better activity plan so as to enhance their lifestyle, and more. The program is very flexibility since it offers users the choice of At Home or In-Center options; some people usually work much better face to face with the counselor, while there are others who prefer losing weight in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

4. Jillian Michaels Bodyshred Program

This program from the fitness queen is designed to help women shed off the excess pounds and meet their weight loss goals. The Bodyshred 60 day program delivers 8 Bodyshred DVDs, a fitness guide, 2 cardio DVDs with 30 minute workouts, a calendar and a nutrition plan. Jillian also offers a customization plan which costs about $5 a week, in addition to the Jillian Michaels app (free) which has workouts and recipes on the go.


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