Quick exercises to do at home: A Simple And Effective Workout You Can Do At Home

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Quick exercises to do at home

There is little question that we all lead busy lives. Whether it is dealing with a plumber, cooking dinner, getting ready for work or simply helping the kids with their homework, there are countless ways of sneaking exercise into our busy lives. And frankly, there is no excuse not to try these free and easy techniques to get in few minutes here and there, a few standing push-ups, there a couple of crunches before falling asleep with a book or tablet when it’s time for bed.


Quite simply, exercise is a must no matter your age and two minutes here and two minutes there works out to be a good bit of exercise if you can find the time to simply do it. You’ll feel better; you’ll look better and let’s face it at the end of the day you’ll live longer. I can only hope that’s what you want for yourself and if you’re lucky enough to have a family that should certainly be something they will appreciate as well.


Shopping and Laundry


Let’s face it going to the grocery store and doing the laundry are a necessary evil, take a couple of extra minutes and turn it into a workout.


If you’re carrying in groceries be it in a plastic bag (easier, but not best for the environment so hopefully you’re using reusable cloth bags each time you go to the store) do a few curls with your full bags. You likely need to bring them from the car anyways, and extra 15 seconds with a bag in each hand want take you long but you’ll notice the results in no time flat.


The same can be said for transferring the wash to the dryer, use a basket even if the machines are close together, a full basket of wet laundry is a great opportunity to work both your arms and legs. Hold the basket at arms’ length straighten your back, suck your stomach in and simply do 25 low-weight squats getting your butt down as close to the floor as possible and rising straight up and repeat. Since we’re talking about laundry, and your neighbors will allow it. Save a few bucks in the summer months, wear and tear on your clothes and use a laundry line outside for once. Ideally, you’ll hang the line a bit higher than what is comfortable so when you’re hanging your clothes you’re stretching your calves getting on your tiptoes.


I’m hesitant to point this last one out as you likely don’t live on a “Little House On The Prairie” and I did suggest that we’re all busy. Hand washing any size load of clothes is fantastic energy though with younger kids this might prove a fool’s errand to get the dirt that they so like to collect out of their clothes.


Resistance Bands


Most of us have a door that we use more than any. Go to your sporting good shop and find a simple set of bands that allow for a few exercises each time you’re near that closet door or door to the basement. Simple medical tubing can be tied in a slipknot and put around a doorknob, and the amount of exercises available for your arms is near countless.


A simple racquetball or tennis ball in the purse or simply in each room goes a long ways.


Long ago, a wise person so nearly said, “Idle hands do the devil’s work.” If you have a free hand simply squeeze one of these balls. They will strengthen your hands and potential stave off later life issues with arthritis while also strengthening your arms beneath the elbow. Whether watching TV or simply on hold, why not try it? You’ll notice the difference in no time flat.


Don’t stroll, walk with a purpose


There is some good when it comes to a relaxed walk and smelling the flowers every now and then. However, there is also something to be said for walking as quickly as you can without hurting yourself. If you’re taking out the recycling, why not walk with some pace. The best part of this better exercise is that you’ll also get there faster giving you more time to find a few more exercises to do or simply feel you’ve earned an extra 15 minutes of me time.



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