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Good Exercises To Do At Home: Effective And Fun-filled Exercises For Faster Muscle Gain


Good Exercises To Do At Home

There is an interesting saying that goes well with exercises, “Losing weight means you will look good in clothes, Exercising means you will look good naked”. That is quite a quirky one, isn’t it? Before you dig it deep, all it means is having enough confidence to look fabulous even when you are naked. And to achieve the desirable results, you must often dare to challenge your body in effective ways. Classic exercises like squats, pushups and sit-ups are the basics of any fitness regime, you will need to change the way you workout every three weeks so that you don’t get bored. Hence, upgrade your old workout and sculpt your bod the way you desire.

So here are list of few effective, easy-to-do and good exercises to do at home that will help you get a sexy physique.

1) Med Ball Squat

Even though you do a lot of everyday routine like walking to the store; picking up heavy grocery bags, your legs and your back still need something more than that. This exercise focuses to strengthen your legs, arms and shoulders.

Exercise: Align your feet straight and stand firmly with your feet apart. Take a stress ball and hold it in your hands, right in front of you. Without hunching, squat down, proceed your back and your knees just about your ankles. Also remember, to maintain your back straight. Return to the initial position and raise the ball above your head. Replicate the squat and lower down the ball to the floor. Do this exercise in two sets of 10 replicates. Also, use heavier balls, as you get stronger.

2) Cartwheel

Are you tired of lifting those heavy dumbbells everyday? Well, give it a break for sometime and instead try a cartwheel. This makes a good party trick as well. Sounds interesting, eh?

This exercise is one of the good exercise to try at home provided you have a space big enough just to yourself. It focuses to enhance your balance, flexibility and also increase your shoulder strength.

Exercise: Stand straight with a foot ahead of the other. Flex down and place your hand on the same side where you placed your front foot on the floor. Follow it up by your second hand. Then, Kick your legs atop. This exercise is a bit tricky, so you may consider to do some warm ups before this exercise. And you need not hurry, perform it slowly till you master it.

3) Reverse Fly

This is one of the effective exercises. It improves your flexibility, coordination and strengthens your upper and lower back.

Exercise: Stand firm and straight holding a dumb bell each in each hands. Place your one leg behind, with just toes touching the floor and keep your legs firmly. Incline forward bending slightly at the hips. Now lift your same leg right behind you, and bring your thorax towards the floor. After that, raise your arms outwards, making a ‘T’. Maintain that position for 30 seconds and then squeeze your scapulae of your shoulders, together. Replicate this exercise for 10 times. Use heavier dumbbells as you start getting stronger.

4) Butterfly Abs

This exercise benefits the shoulders, legs, neck and hips. It also helps in strengthening your mid-back.

Exercise: Lie on the floor and inhale. Bend your knees to place soles of your feet together and gently exhale. Support your head from behind by placing your hands, with elbows outward. Tighten your abs and raise your chest and shoulders up. Maintain that position for 10 seconds. Gently, lower down your back. Repeat this for ten times.

5) Torso Rotation

This exercise helps in toning and tightening of your waist. This also helps in avoiding any sort of lower abdomen injuries by making your oblique muscles stronger.

Exercise: Sit firmly on the floor and flex your knees. Ensure your feet are fully flat on the floor. Hold a fitness ball right at your thorax. Lean your trunk away from your thighs, and pull your stomach in towards your back. Maintain that angle for 5 seconds and then, gently rotate your trunk towards the right side. Move the right elbow towards the floor behind you, but not touching the floor. Return to the starting position and do the same in the opposite direction. Repeat 20 times for each side. Increase the weight of the fitness ball, as you get stronger. Remember, to keep your belly tucked in.

6) Chair Squat

This exercise mainly works the gluteus muscle in your butt. Overall, this enhances the tone and tightens your hip and buttocks. It is one of the most easiest and effective exercises as all you will need is a chair and your butt!

Exercise: Stand firmly with your back touching the chair and your feet a bit apart. Slowly draw in your belly button and bend forward right at the hips. Lower your butt slowly and pause right at that moment, before you sit. Keep your back straight and return to the initial position. Do this for 20 times.

A good exercise is the one when you hate doing it but you love finishing it. With the right motivation, determination and these good exercises to do at home, you don’t have any excuse not to devote time to your body. Looking good and staying fit is not an easy feast. You need to earn it. So workout regularly and say hello to a stronger-feeling gorgeous ‘you’!


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