Best Healthy Diet Plans: The Eating Plan For A Healthier You

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Women have different daily nutritional requirements as compared to men. Many women struggle to keep fit and in most cases end up doing the wrong things such as taking pills, skipping meals all which have adverse effects on the body. It is every woman’s dream to have a fit body and this has led to nutritionists coming up with diet plans that help to achieve this goal.

Diet plan for women who have a serious problem with body fat.

The 3-week diet

This has become a choice for quick weight loss among personal trainers and celebrities. It has amazing results. It works to burn fat and fatty acids from the food you eat. With the help of exercise and hard work you can also lose a few pounds of stored body fat.

Many diets tend to make sure you do not gain weight from what you eat, but they do not go after all the fat that the body has stored. The 3-week diet goes a mile further by targeting and breaking down stored fat, which releases fatty acids that the body burns for energy. This diet focuses on giving you the nutrients that you require to stay healthy and eliminate the nutrients that stop the body from burning fat.

It has 4 manuals that include:

Introduction- it explains how fat is stored and how it can be burned off by the body. It also gives details of foods and supplements that you can take for quick weight loss.

Diet manual- it helps you to calculate your lean body mass and your body fat percentage and it sets aside a diet for your own body type.

Workout manual- it gives a 15-minute routine for everyday that you can do in your living room that will enable you burn fat.

Mindset and motivation manual- this has full tips, tricks and secrets that will help you to lose weight.

The Venus factor diet plan

This diet works by reprogramming and re-balancing hormones that are associated with appetite and weight gain. Most researchers have found out that as women get older, their hormones continue to go out of balance. This imbalance has got significant effects when it comes to weight gain and loss.

One of the hormones is leptin and it plays the role of whether fat should be stored or burned. As women get older their levels of leptin levels tend to decrease. The worst part is that women become less sensitive to leptin leading to more fat storage.

The Venus factor diet plan has excelled in shaking up metabolism. It does an outstanding job in re-elevating the levels of leptin as well as increase the response of the body to leptin.

Diet plans for women who want delicious food in their diet.

Bistro MD diet plan

This diet has been attributed to two primary benefits which are its outstanding gourmet meals and calorie shifting which speeds up weight loss. The science behind calorie shifting is that it confuses the body’s metabolism by alternating meals that are not equal in calories. This confusion leads to metabolism to burn more calories in the case that your body will not get enough calories in the next meal.

The benefits of calorie fluctuation are that it creates a very rapid fat-burning cycle the menus in this diet change every week and the food is very delicious and fresh.

Diet plans for women who need structure in their diet.

Medifast diet plan

This diet plan is very unique that combines its own meals plus food that you choose and it is really effective. The part that dieters love is that you get to eat 6 times a day, which is about once 2-3 hours. The meal plan consists of 4 pre-packaged Medifast meals plus 2 lean and green meals that you prepare yourself and one healthy snack.

The pre-packaged Medifast meals are low in fats, nutritionally balanced and portion controlled. The two lean and green meals are chosen by you and they include lean protein such as steak, chicken, turkey and vegetables. You are also allowed one healthy snack a day, which you can prepare yourself or select from Medifast snack options.

Medifast diet plan teaches your stomach to stay full for longer and helps you to completely avoid hunger.

Tips on How to have a balanced diet for women.


Kick-start your metabolism by having proteins for breakfast such as eggs, dairy, lean ham or salmon. The body burns more calories when digesting proteins than carbs. Proteins also keep you full for longer and you will eat fewer calories during the day. Whatever you do, do not skip breakfast.

Mid-morning snack.

Best Healthy Diet PlansSwap your morning biscuits for oatcakes that have been spread with peanut or almond butter. You can also choose to have a banana or have a tasty dip of veggie sticks.


Make lunch a mix of starchy carbs and lean protein. Carbs supply the body with energy. Make sure to choose carbs that raise the blood sugar steadily such as those with high fiber.

Mid afternoon snack.

Take a fruit to satisfy the sweet cravings. You can also go for unsalted nuts or seeds that provide proteins as well as healthy fats. Choose dried apple rings with almonds or walnuts over chocolates.


Take carbs that are low in fat and rich in fiber. Combine this with fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines as well as seeds or nuts for their oil. You can also take a plate of colorful salad.


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